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Daily Archives: June 19, 2018

Reprioritizing to Make Room for More Reading by Laura Gardner

Today’s re-blog Author and Librarian is a wonderful example of reading for Purpose; plus, she shares many strategies that could be translated into your own life-course, to help you read more :-)

Nerdy Book Club

School librarians wear many hats. In my school library, I teach information literacy; collaborate with teachers on technology-rich projects; offer book buffets and book talks on a regular basis; purchase, weed and manage a large collection; promote our library, books and reading on social media; and am in charge of a bustling Makerspace. I also try to find time to read widely from our collection, as well as new books I may wish to add to our collection. In the past, this reading has taken a back seat to other priorities, but in the last six months I have reprioritized to make more time for reading. Besides my job as a school librarian, I also serve on the board of our state library association and I am a parent of two rambunctious young children. Finding the time to read amongst all this chaos hasn’t been easy, but the benefits have…

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