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Daily Archives: June 16, 2018

Literary Lifeguards by James Ponti

Today’s re-blog reiterates the phenomenal importance of Librarians — to writers and readers . . .

Nerdy Book Club

Like so many of the great lessons in my life, this one starts on a beach.  Waimea Beach to be exact, on Oahu’s north shore. I was there for a television shoot (I know, rough life) and interviewed a lifeguard. When I asked him about saving lives he gave me an answer that caught me completely by surprise.

“Most of our rescues are on land.”

He explained that he and his fellow guards keep a constant eye out for the inexperienced and unprepared: the tourist with a sparkly new surfboard; the novice swimmer steeling up with courage to dive into the surf; kids daring each other to jump off the rocks.  When they encounter these people, they engage them and talk about the dangers and their skill level. When appropriate they recommend nearby beaches that are better suited for them and encourage safe practices. The reason is simple:

“It’s easier…

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