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Friday Story Bazaar ~ Tale Ninety-Five

“You Really Think Humanity Has a Future?”

Alexander M Zoltai

Paul and Jacinto had been friends since childhood; yet, their professional activities had kept them apart for over ten years.

Paul, successful self-publishing author—Jacinto, successful international journalist.

Jacinto had contacted Paul before he left Chile—disclosed his deep distrust of where things were going—said he was giving up his career to write his memoirs—at 36 years of age—before the world collapsed…

Paul was wondering about his own career—pondering what direction his writing should take—hopefully, to help folks better understand the potential for the transformation of humanity…

Paul picked his friend up at the airport and Jacinto immediately launched into his worries, with much verbal flair, until Paul said: “My friend, I agree the world is in sad shape; but, can we approach its faults with our hearts open to the potentials for change?”

“Ah… Paul… Paul… You deal with fiction and I deal with facts… Still, it was your recent series of short Tales that determined me to visit…”

“You’ve read the Tales on my blog?”

“Indeed… Much to ponder; especially, since you make fiction seem real.”

“It’s been said that fiction reveals the truths that facts can hide…”

“Hmmm… The facts I’ve dealt with for the last 10 years have made me want to hide…”

“I understand…”

They arrived at their formerly favorite café; and, after they ordered, Jacinto said:

“So… You really think humanity has a future?”

“Yes… After major restructuring…”


“The structures of society are tattered and rotting—they’re well past their prime and deeply disturbing the well-being of a large percentage of the human family.”

“It’s just the lies—constant lies giving the rulers a horrible advantage…”

“Yet, people could find ways to talk under and over their rulers—spin a more truthful web of knowledge, eh?”

“Perhaps you have a more insightful perspective than I’ve had…”

Their sandwiches and drinks came and they were quiet as they ate…

When the plates were removed and more tea ordered, Jacinto continued their heart-engaging discussion:

“So, tell me, dear spinner of tales, what potential for change exists in the world—why should anyone strive for plans of improvement?”

“Well… First, I have great faith in humanity’s ability to order their lives rationally.”

“Faith in rationality? Sounds like fiction…”

“Dear friend, you’ve been on the front lines of the end of the old world order—you’re a casualty and need recuperation…”

“I will quit my contracts—I have saved plenty—perhaps, we should share a home again…”

“You’ll have to meet my dog before we negotiate terms for habitation…”

Their hearty laughter drew general attention and Jacinto waved merrily at the other customers which made them all go back to what they were doing…

Paul continued: “You’ve been too much with the old world, the one that’s dying—what if you could explore what the members of the new world are doing to ensure the continuation of humanity?”

“And, if I find interesting material, I should add it to my biography?”


“So, who are these members of the new world?”

“Folks who form supportive learning groups in neighborhoods, villages; and, in a few cases, whole regions of certain countries. They engage people in discussions of what’s needed for healthy and well-functioning individuals, communities, and institutions—they’re shaping a new way of living that has many aspects that have been known for centuries but distorted and suppressed by materialistic philosophers and rulers…”

“So… You can speak like you live here and now and not in your fictional worlds; but, what chance do a small percentage of people have against the tumbling weight of a dying society?”

“That small percentage has been working under the radar for many decades; in fact, from their true beginning, it’s been going on for nearly 200 years—a very slow start; and, now, rapidly spreading…”

“What’s their secret weapon?”


“So, we’re back to fiction.”

“Is a mother’s love fictional? Is a love for your neighbors fictional? Is a love of justice fictional?”

“One and two are not—three surely seems to be…”

“Ah… Yes… the world-traveling journalist has been in the murky trenches of the last bastions of false justice and false sentiments and false promises…”

“And, these magical creatures who love themselves into a new world are not a dream—a false hope?”

Paul reached into his briefcase for a sheet of paper and handed it to Jacinto with: “Here’s an excerpt from a book called, Peace: More Than an End to War.”

Jacinto read:

“World order can be founded only on an unshakable consciousness of the oneness of mankind, a spiritual truth which all the human sciences confirm. Anthropology, physiology, psychology, recognize only one human species, albeit infinitely varied in the secondary aspects of life. Recognition of this truth requires abandonment of prejudice—prejudice of every kind—race, class, color, creed, nation, sex, degree of material civilization, everything which enables people to consider themselves superior to others.

“Acceptance of the oneness of mankind is the first fundamental prerequisite for reorganization and administration of the world as one country, the home of humankind. Universal acceptance of this spiritual principle is essential to any successful attempt to establish world peace. It should therefore be universally proclaimed, taught in schools, and constantly asserted in every nation as preparation for the organic change in the structure of society which it implies.”

When Jacinto looked up, Paul said: “It takes a lot of love to do that…”

Jacinto didn’t respond, looked shaken; but, in a good way—like the feeling when something suddenly makes all the sense in the world.

Paul gently said: “Could I introduce you to some of the members of humanity’s new world?”

He truly didn’t expect what happened next…

Jacinto said: “I think I need to meet these people…”


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