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Two (or More) of Us: How Writing Communities Shaped the Authors We’ve Become by Jennifer Ziegler and Chris Barton

One of the authors of today’s re-blog says:

“Having a waiting audience — even if it’s just a best friend — inspires us to get our writing finished and make sure it’s as good as possible.”

Nerdy Book Club

JENNIFER: Long before Chris and I got married, I used to double-date the Beatles.

Well, not all the Beatles — only Paul and John.

And they weren’t technically Beatles anymore, the band having broken up many years earlier.

And these dates, if you must know, occurred only on paper — in sketch comedies that my friend Christy and I co-wrote when we were 12 years old.

I can still remember that slaphappy fervor as we set down our imagined evenings out on the town with the cheeky composers of our favorite songs.

As we fantasized what romance might be like, I ended up learning something else that would prove to be important in my life: the power of a writing community.

CHRIS: My earliest writing communities owed more to sportscaster Howard Cosell and Garfield creator Jim Davis than they did to the Fab Four.

Around third grade, I began teaming…

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