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​Celebrate the Weird Stuff in Life by Tammi Sauer

Hey, you adults!

This re-blog is about kids’ picture books…


It’s also an adorable story of a mom and son & the basic wisdom is good for “official-adult” projects, too :-)

Nerdy Book Club

For me, the hardest part about writing a picture book is coming up with an idea. I’m not talking about a regular idea. Nope. I’m talking about a good idea. A fresh idea. An irresistible-to-readers idea.

Each year, I present at lots of schools and conferences. One thing I like to tell people is to celebrate the weird stuff in life. The weird stuff is good material for stories.

Many of my books have gotten their start from a weird moment in my life. Some resulted from a moment of surprise. Others from a moment of annoyance. One was even triggered by my Great Aunt Florence. My job is to pay attention to those instances, find the funny in them, and use them as starting points for real deal stories. The idea for my latest book, Caring for Your Lion, illustrated by Troy Cummings and published by Sterling Children’s Books, began with one such moment.


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