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Imagine Them Reading Your Book

Today’s re-blog is a powerful account of a memoir and the author’s dealing with what she wrote…

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Shuly Cawood profile pic larger 2017By Shuly Cawood

My uncle and I stopped speaking to each other almost a decade ago. I loved my uncle, and he loved me, but we had an argument that mushroomed into a cloud so thick neither of us could see through it—until years later, when he got sick, and his prognosis became too grim to keep on refusing to exchange words, especially kind ones. When we did finally speak, just after what would become his final surgery, neither one of us addressed the argument from years before. We knew it was time to put it behind us or else be left with regrets. We held hands, and that became more important than our tender but old hurts.

My uncle died weeks later.

Years before I finished writing my memoir, I sat through panels and lectures on how to decide what to leave in and take out when writing about…

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