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Finding Your Passion by Stephanie Burgis

Today’s re-blog author says, “Where has your passion led you, in your life?”

Nerdy Book Club

I’ve always loved books about ambitious girls pursuing their passions, whether it’s the Fossil girls in Ballet Shoes fighting their way onto the stage, a young violinist playing her first big solo competition in Virginia Euwer Wolff’s The Mozart Season, or the members of the Babysitters’ Club forming their own successful business as kids.

It’s the kind of challenge that always resonated with me, because from the time I was seven years old, I had one overriding passion: I wanted to be a professional writer. I still remember making that world-shaking announcement to my mom in the car one day: “I’ve found something I love even more than reading: writing! I’m going to be a writer when I grow up!”

And I was determined from then on to make it happen, although I didn’t always know exactly what to write. I started out writing poetry and sold my first poem…

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