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The Writing-from-Home Conundrum

I visit a virtual world—Kitely—created by an author, visited by other writers and artists, to balance my extreme Writing-from-Home existence…

Though, my Living comes from a pension—not sure I could do what today’s re-blog author is doing…

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

zz Lang head shot-001By Jennifer Lang

On the outside, especially to my friends who commute to an office, I have an ideal set-up. I plop my butt on a chair in the office adjacent to my bedroom and simply write. And write. And write some more. The house is husband-free, kid-free, and so quiet it hurts my ears.

Although I’ve been writing since the late nineties when I freelanced for websites and magazines, I only became a committed writer—one who has the capacity to spend hours with fingers poised on the keyboard, one who is plagued with self-doubt, one who receives inordinate amounts of rejections—during the first semester of my MFA. By second semester, I noticed when the writing took over and I went out less and less—for errands, with friends, even to see family. By the third semester, I realized my phone hardly rang. By the time I graduated, I noted how…

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