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You Don’t Always Have to Write What You Know by E. D. Baker

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When I was growing up, I’d often hear that an author had to write what he knew.  That’s good advice as far as it goes.  A detective could write a great mystery. A cowboy could write a series of westerns.  A doctor could write about the drama taking place in a hospital.  But what about all those things no one knows about first hand?  What about fantasy where fairy queens rule and dragons patrol the skies?  Has anyone actually met a fairy or a fire-breathing dragon so they could describe what they’d seen?

When I wrote The Frog Princess, I discovered how much I didn’t know about ordinary things.  What happens when a frog catches a fly?  I had to look it up.  What kinds of plants grow in swamps?  Research it.  I could handle that just fine.  But when I wrote Dragon’s Breath and wanted to read about…

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