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#BookPromotion ? ~ Here’s THE Book :-)

Be the Gateway ~ Creative Promotion Forgoing a re-blog today—finding my return from the psychological sabbatical is giving me much more I want to write about…

So, there’s a book I’m working my way through right now—“working through” as in doing what’s recommended…

Yes, it’s about “book promotion” (if you use that term in the widest, most creative way possible); and, yes, my novel is 10 years old now; but, I feel it could use a different approach in how I let folks know about it…

So, I’ll introduce the book I’m working my way through by sharing a few excerpts:

Be the Gateway: A Practical Guide to Sharing Your Creative Work
and Engaging an Audience

Kindle ~~~ or ~~~ Free World-Wide Delivery

“Instead of framing the value of your work by how it performs in the market, you define it by how other people experience the world through your creative work—the stories and experiences you share, and the topics you talk about. This simple idea radically shifts the value of what you create. Instead of selling a product in a marketplace, you become the gateway for how your work can shape the world for others, and inspire them.”

“Bestseller lists can be gamed; too often creative work is purchased, but never noticed (books are purchased and not read, art is purchased, but never hung, etc.). Your work can win an award, and fail to find an audience. You can get an incredible review and have it lead to zero new fans. You can be on national TV and have it lead to only a handful of new sales. Being a gateway is about ensuring your work truly connects with others in the most meaningful way possible, instead of being treated as nothing more than a product swiped across the bar code scanner at the food store.”

“Reframe success so it isn’t about seeking validation from massive audiences, but rather how you reach one person. The people I see who succeed focus on one-on-one engagement with other people, not on going viral. To be a gateway is to find success by focusing on the human side of that which engages people, what it means to have your work truly shape the lives of others, and what it means to feel fulfilled as a creator.”

“Be the gateway…is about understanding the connection between what you create, why you create it, and how it will engage others. This is the ‘secret’ to engaging others, which is not really a secret at all. It is as old as human culture and how we are wired.”

“If you’re serious about building an audience for your creative work, skip the ‘best practices.’”

I’ve certainly read a ton of books and articles about “book promotion” in my years of writing this blog—none of that stuff can cut it now…

Sure, some of the practical ideas in Be the Gateway are part of others’ schemes; but, if you water the Gateway down, you effectively close it off………
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