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Chasing the ’Writing High’

Fascinating writer’s struggle in today’s re-blog…

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zz2 lockBy Maddie Lock

Every day that I don’t write is a wasted one. There’s writing and there’s everything else. This creates a spiritual conflict.

Let me explain. I am a student of Buddhism now for four years. I call myself a student because I have yet to step over any definitive line that allows me to call myself anything other than one who is still learning. A practitioner, yes, but one who struggles with the pithy and practical advice that the Buddha gave to our world.

Buddhism teaches us not to get attached to anything because everything is impermanent, in a state of constant flux. It is our perception of how we are doing that determines how we feel as we go through our day.  Time hands us events in that linear way time has, our feelings follow behind like faithful dogs. I know this, yet I have the deepest sense…

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