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Art and Risk by Dev Petty

The book in today’s re-blog is already available in hardcover and Kindle editions…

Nerdy Book Club

In June of this year, I have a book coming out and I have NO idea what’s going to happen.

I’m newish at this author stuff, but I hear from a great many sources that a writer never really knows what’s going to happen with a book release- whether people will like the book, whether it will sell, whether children will laugh at the parts you thought they’d laugh at…or maybe people will just laugh and point when they see you coming…who knows?

But in this case, I really don’t know.

That’s because this book, Claymates, is the product of a series of risks, yo bets (if you’re a dice player), and what ifs.  It is the result of me telling my inner critic, counselor, angel dressed in white to “BE QUIET!” for a little minute, whilst I get something onto paper before those doubting ninnies dilute my neato…

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