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The Beauty of Mud (and Books) by Emma Ledbetter

Nerdy Book Club

At my fifth birthday party, there was a hole in the backyard.

A really, really big, muddy hole. I distinctly remember my parents having to navigate all my little friends around it, keeping curious five-year-olds in party hats from peering too far into the abyss that would become our living room. It’s my first clear memory of our new house—and of seeing something so raw and below-the-surface as this house’s renovation. It was a little scary, and even more fascinating.

This is also the age at which I remember my picture books inspiring me to explore things like mud, and dirt, and backyard holes. Books like A Hole is to Dig, or A Tree is Nice, or Mud Pies and Other Recipes, which kept me entertained for hours making doll hors d’oeuvres out of grass, gravel and pine needles. I was a pretty tidy kid, but I…

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