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Layering “Texts” to Deepen Understanding as Students Read (Secretly modeling how to be passionate about inquiry) by Shelli Thelen

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History is an important window for all students to view the world through. As a child, I learned about American history and ancient civilizations. I was not interested in history as a student until we began to learn about more contemporary events that occurred in the 20th century. As a fifth-grade teacher of social studies in the 21st century, I have learned that history is more global than I believed to be as a student. I have also found that throughout our world history, certain themes continue to bubble up: Class, Freedom, Entitlement, and Justice.

One of my most favorite things about being an elementary teacher is that I get to “dip” my hands into all of the content areas each day. I get to connect objectives across the content areas while students have time and space to really explore an idea. My favorite question to hear from a student…

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