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Lucid Cleaning, or How I Learned to Write While Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

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StacyMurison14_002FullBy Stacy Murison

It was too late. I had already unscrewed the hardware from the kitchen cabinets as well as the cabinet doors. I had painted the box frames. The primer dried uneven and gloppy in some places. I sanded. Worse. I sanded some more. Somewhat better. This was nothing like the This Old House videos on YouTube where painting the cabinets took only one weekend. My project was going on week number three.

I had only one thing on my mind this summer: writing. The hazards of my first year teaching three composition sections had been minimal, except for the volume of reading and editing of student work. All of that reading and editing (some 60,000 words almost weekly) left me only tiny fragments of brain space to compose and write my own essays. Summer was the payoff. Summer was when I would do ALL THE WRITING.

But my…

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