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The Power of Art by Renée Watson

Nerdy Book Club

I have always loved words.

When I was a child, I competed in spelling bees and I’d spend hours writing random words over and over just because I liked the way the letters looked together. I enjoyed reading, speaking, and writing words so much so that when I was seven, I wrote a 21-page story and was eager to read the entire page-turner to my mother after dinner. In middle school I was often asked to read the scriptures at church and I looked forward to Easter Sunday when we recited speeches in front of the whole congregation. By the time I was in high school, I was reciting my own words at poetry readings.

Words came easy to me.

But then, shortly after high school, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and for the first time I was speechless. I couldn’t talk about it or journal about it. But…

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