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The real schedule of a self-published book

Here’s the link to my book review of the book Roz talks about in today’s re-blog:

Nail Your Novel

A report of the Frankfurt Book Fair in The Hot Sheet caught my eye this week, and I have to admit it’s got me a trifle narked. See what you think.

‘The acceptance and progress of self-publishing (or, rather, the sluggish acceptance and progress) in most countries (the US, the UK, and Germany are the exceptions) was probably best represented by Guillaume Dervieux, vice president and CEO of France’s Albin Michel publishing house. He said that self-publishing is all but anathema to “what we are doing” in the trade. In self-publishing, he said, every manuscript “is accepted and each title is invested with the minimum amount of means. We do exactly the contrary. We reject a lot of manuscripts, and we concentrate all our means and effort only on the ones we choose with passion.” ‘

Oof. (Before we go any further, let me state that I find The Hot…

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2 responses to “The real schedule of a self-published book

    • Alexander M Zoltai October 23, 2017 at 8:37 am

      Well, making your post a mere re-blog shows, clearly, my advanced age and faltering memory…

      I had intended and will presently accomplish what I call a “full post” based on your post (which should have been done since Monday’s are occurrences of such posts) and my karma now compels me to conform to the desires of the schedule I’d invoked…

      See, Roz, I’m temporarily “deranged”—this is what happens when a personal schedule is ignored…

      Oh, so, happy I can partially amend my ways… :-)


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