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Not Quite Lost – Travels Without A Sense of Direction

Not Quite Lost: Travels Without a Sense of Direction Monday, I published a “review” of Not Quite Lost – Travels Without A Sense of Direction by Roz Morris, that also had a video of Roz being interviewed by author, Joanna Penn—a fascinating conversation about this delightful “Travel Memoir”….

Yesterday, I followed all that with another conversation with Roz about Not Quite Lost—brilliant because Henry Hyde brings out aspects of the book that make it a must read for any serious writer ( not to demean it’s complete appropriateness for readers :-)

Today, I offer a short third-time’s-a-charm post, simply recreating a page of Review Snippets from Roz’s own blog (the name-link after each snippet takes you to the full review…):


‘Sparkling with wit, humour and pathos’ – Vivienne Tuffnell

‘Filled with charm and wit … from small giggles to full-on guffaws’ – Davida Chazan aka The Chocolate Lady

‘Charming as h*ll!’ – Vic CWP

‘Well played, well crafted, funny and insightful’ – Just Another Bookworm

‘Turns the mundane into the hilarious or the dramatic’ – Andrew Collins

‘I devoured most of it in a single, long, bewitched session’ – Henry Hyde

‘Bloody good – keep a copy in your guest room and you’ll never see your guests’ – Clare Flynn

‘Laugh-out-loud moments and old-fashioned GOOD writing’ – Icy Sedgwick

‘Move over, Bill Bryson … beguiling’ – Peter Snell, independent bookseller

‘Engaging memoir of the road less travelled’ – Debbie Young

‘A novelist’s eye for detail … and for romance and drama in the everyday’ – Sandy Bennett-Haber

‘Stylish, lovely, well crafted’ – Ignite (top 1,000 Amazon reviewer)

‘Quirky, fun read .. made me want to go out and have adventures’ – Limey

‘Full of interior and exterior travel in the everyday and special … moving’ – Angela Kubinec, Easy Street Mag

‘Totally wonderful’ – Alexander M Zoltai

‘Wry humour, precise details, beautiful writing’ – Fictionreader

This blog’s regular fare will continue tomorrow………
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