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#MainStreetWriters Founder Honored by Publishers Weekly

The award is called PW Star Watch and Laura Stanfill, publisher of Forest Avenue Press, was one of the honorees… Laura Stanfill - Publisher

Laura is also the founder of a Movement I’ve done many posts about—the most comprehensive one is, Main Street Writers Movement ~~~ for: “Everyone who wishes more people were reading and talking about literature.“

Main Street Writers Movement When she was honored, Publishers Weekly said:

“Just over five years ago, Stanfill launched Forest Avenue Press, a publisher dedicated to showcasing Oregon talent on their own turf. Its inaugural release, ‘Brave on the Page’, a collection of essays from some of the Pacific Northwest’s top writers, landed on Powell’s bookstore staff’s top five list and was named Book of the Year by the bookseller as well. Each of Stanfill’s subsequent four books landed on regional bestseller lists.

“When Stanfill acquired ‘Landfall’ by Ellen Urbani, the author envisioned more than a regional reach for her book. At the same time Stanfill wanted to expand her business on the national stage. Their goals aligned to the benefit of both. Stanfill signed a contract with Legato, a division of PGW/Perseus and published ‘Landfall’ just ahead of the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina—Aug. 29, 2015—the setting of the novel. The goal was handily achieved.”

That excerpt is from the article at the link up there that says, PW Star Watch; and, Laura said this about it:

“…the PW article…talks about me as if my achievement of distribution for Forest Avenue was the big reason I got chosen. I’m pretty sure it had everything to do with community building and the work we’ve been doing for five years… because all the presses there had distribution so that certainly didn’t set me apart. And yet, I’ll take it. An industry award, being recognized at our five year anniversary, and getting to go to New York to celebrate with industry members and friends? A dream come true. I’m still starry-eyed.”

And, here’s the Forest Avenue Press article that last excerpt is from…

I’ve been in e-mail communication with Laura since February and can promise a number of future posts about her Movement, which should interest the following folks:

“Writers, readers, booksellers, publishers, editors, publicists, agents, and anyone who wants to participate in the literary conversation.”

Finally, here are all my posts about Main Street Writers Movement.
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