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What Music Does For Art

Sure, today’s re-blog is about kids and art; but, it still “applies” to adults and writing :-)

A Teacher's Reflections

“Where Words Fail, Music Speaks” – Hans Christian Anderson-

Every year I am surprised when I bring to school my old record player, which looks much like a suitcase.  I simply but it down on the floor in front of the children and look at it.  Then, I wait for the wonder of what happens next.  As children predict what they think it might be, I open the lid and start to carefully touch the turntable and the arm… and then turn it on.

Just watching all the parts move and listening to the sound of the needle is thrilling.  I then pull out a record album, on this day Vivaldi’s Four Seasons- another ten minutes of focus and excitement.  “It’s a big CD!” said many of the children.  “Let’s listen to the music it makes,” said I.  And we did.  You could have heard a pin drop.  “Violins!”  said…

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2 responses to “What Music Does For Art

  1. dgkaye October 2, 2017 at 11:24 pm

    Nice to see Jennie’s post shared here. :)


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