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Getting Personal by Barbara Dee

All I’ll say about today’s re-blog is:

KidLit is something all writers should become aware of…

Nerdy Book Club

HALFWAY NORMAL is out this month, and I’m getting nervous.

Not for the usual reasons (“Will they like this book? Will it sell?”). What I’m nervous about is the public-appearance piece, especially the inevitable questions about my son’s health.

When I first thought of writing this book, I made a deal with my son: I’d never discuss his health in public.  We made this deal to protect his privacy, and also mine. Because your kid’s cancer is never an easy subject to discuss during an author visit Q/A, or a book festival, or a signing, or a conference. It’s not even easy to mention in an email response to a well-meaning reader.

I know that choosing to write a middle grade novel about this topic– a kid’s recovery from cancer–invites this sort of personal question.  I’m so touched (really more than I can say) by all the support and good…

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