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Our Top 10 Bedtime Read-Aloud (Chapter) Books by Holly Kregel

Today’s re-blog — for Parents & folks who know Parents :-)

Perhaps, for a few adults with no kids who want to have fun reading to each other and feeling like a kid :-)

Nerdy Book Club

One of the biggest joys for me as a parent and as a children’s literature scholar is being able to bring the books I’m working with home. Every night before bed, my daughter used to pick out a few picture books, snuggle up, and read with her dad and I before she fell asleep. Our favorite books encouraged laughter and fun but also worked toward calming Zo down for bed as opposed to riling her up. Recently, my daughter turned 5 years old, and suddenly she became adamant that picture books were for day time and that night time was for working through chapter books together, chapter by chapter, night by night. While I was happy to make this transition with her, it was not without its trials. Between her age, her interests, and her attention span, we’ve had our share of flops, but we’ve also found some definite winners…

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