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Fighting Illiteracy ~ WorldReader

This will be the 17th post I’ve done about WorldReader—if you put its name in the search bar up there, you’ll find this post and 16 others…

They sent me an email the other day with this exciting headline: Our Read To Kids Partnership Reaches 200,000!

from WorldReader:

“Two years ago, we asked ourselves a question: could we use mobile phones, local digital books, and local partnerships to get entire communities to read with their kids?

“Today, we’re incredibly proud to announce that over the course of our Read to Kids pilot program, co-created with Pearson, we’ve reached 200,000 families in and around Delhi, India with the life-changing power of reading.”

If you’re pressed for time and not able to take that last link, do, please, watch at least the first short video at the end of this post…

A bit more from WorldReader:

“Thanks to Pearson and to each of [our donors], we’re learning how to support parents to create a culture of reading in the home— a child’s first school. With what we learn, we hope to empower millions more families around the world, from their first days and throughout their lives. Each step gets us closer to realizing our shared vision that everyone can be a reader.”

You can read more about this extremely important program


“Read to Kids is now expanding to the Syrian crisis and aims to reach another 50,000 refugees and host families in Jordan.”

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  1. suzannenewnham August 8, 2017 at 12:28 am

    Thanks for the information. Have tweeted :)

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