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Wiping Out Illiteracy

Last year I wrote about a major reading initiative in the post, Promoting Literacy by Putting It in World-Crisis-Solving PerspectiveProject Literacy

I recommend all readers, writers, and publishers absorb that post for one important reason:

“Illiteracy affects over 757 million people worldwide and has an impact on global development. Although it is a largely invisible issue, the repercussions of this can be seen in everyday struggles such as poverty, gender inequality, and access to basic civil rights.”

BTW, 757 million people is about 1 in 10 folks who can’t read…


Four days ago, Project Literacy sent me an email—it was to alert me about their Annual Report.

Two basic facts about Project Literacy:

It’s a global campaign founded and convened by the learning company Pearson.

And, if you go to their About Page and scroll to the bottom you’ll see image-links to their 55 collaborating partners…

Apart from encouraging you to Donate, I’ll wrap this up with two videos from them:

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    My pleasure, Alexander – Great post 👍😃


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    Great Initiative they have going :-)


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