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Friday Story Bazaar ~ Tale Fifty-Four

Break Free…

Alexander M Zoltai


Muzar was carrying his wife, Yaleza, in the glare of explosions, to the refugee spacecraft…

The attackers had arrived suddenly, from the dark side of  Bulon’s moon, and devastated eighty percent of the land…

Their children had been killed in the bombings…

Yaleza hadn’t wanted to go—wanted to die on the spot…

Muzar had dragged her from the building and, after she’d passed out, carried her toward the outlawed spaceport.

Muzar laid his wife down near the access hatch of their escape ship. He doubted the old and small craft would get into orbit, let alone to the supposed haven-planet, Zelun; especially with all the people he was sure had already boarded.

He paid the fee to a disreputable looking fellow (every bit of the money he had), picked his wife back up (hoping she would, eventually, waken…), and entered the overloaded craft…

Right after Muzar laid his wife down where a youth had just been lying, right after Muzar thanked the youth, right after Muzar wondered what he saw behind that youth’s eyes, the spacecraft fired its main engine and lifted off.

Those aboard had no idea how lucky they were, as projectiles fired from a ship in orbit narrowly missed their craft but incinerated two just like it on the ground, now smoldering ruins of metal and flesh…

The youth was still standing over Yaleza and Muzar…

Muzar spoke: “You’re from Aurenga?”

“No, from Lueen—I swam the thin passage up north…”

“Parents dead?”

“Last year…”

“Why do you seem… distinct… apart…?”

“I was a soldier.”

“Yuan bless you—you’re so young…”

“Not as young as last year…”

The boy shoved his way through the packed refugees.


Halfway through their desperate journey, Yaleza woke and proceeded to cry for thirteen hours…


The ship was nearly at their hoped for haven.

They could hear the crew talking to someone on the planet:

“We measure 20,000 selks.”

“Confirm. Set course on transmission band 22.7 ret—use evasive landing maneuvers.”


“How many migrants aboard?”


“Got our pay?”

“Confirm that.”

“Copy—hope a few of those migrants live through re-entry.”

The men laughed…

The boy was back with Muzar and Yaleza. He looked to them and said, “Migrants…?”

Yaleza answered: “They lie to protect themselves. We were promised understanding people would be waiting seven selks from the landing port. Muzar was given directions…”

Muzar said, “Perhaps, we are beginning a new life…”


The ship landed—they transferred funds by radio-link, still making a large profit; then, immediately took off again, interceptor missiles following…

The trio watched their escape vessel expand into a golden-orange fireball—it lit their way into the forest that hid their further escape…”


They arrived at the camp, exhausted and bloodied from their pitch-dark stumbling travels.

They were given liquids and food…

They stayed in a cramped room—the people in charge thought they were a family.

Eventually, they were all sent away (after useless struggles that only bloodied them more) in different vehicles…

Yaleza wasn’t driven very far and was promptly raped to death.

Muzar, driven to a hidden detention center, existed for a year before he expired from grief.

The boy fought his way free from his captors and, after long secretive travels, hired on to a pack of rebel fighters—he didn’t wonder what happened to Muzar and Yaleza, just like he didn’t wonder about anything, his entire focus on learning how to kill as passion—kill for relief—kill for its own sake…

There were internal conflicts on Zelun for many years and it suited him just fine…

He died an old man, on an island that had too many superstitions swirling about it to be inhabited—died alone, except for the fantasies that called themselves mother and father, the fantasies that confused themselves with Yaleza and Muzar, the fantasies that welcomed him as a weary refugee………


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6 responses to “Friday Story Bazaar ~ Tale Fifty-Four

  1. Jane Watson July 28, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    Wonderful story! I wish it was not so topical and so relevant to our own planet at the moment …whose present tragedy and dilemma I believe it perfectly captures, even from so many light years away :-)….


  2. Jessica Bakkers July 29, 2017 at 7:50 am

    Wow. Heavy stuff. And no so distant from our own corner of the galaxy methinks.


  3. dgkaye July 31, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    Wonderful story Alex. Really, not so far fetched. :)


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