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Imaginary People and Their Imaginary Friends by Tania Unsworth

Today’s re-blog fascinated me — especially when the author says, “Do characters in books know they are only made-up?” :-)

Nerdy Book Club

brightwoodI had a problem that only an imaginary friend could solve.

I wanted to write a story about a girl left all alone in a beautiful yet crumbling stately home. Born in one of its many rooms, she has never once set foot outside the grounds. The home (which happens to be called Brightwood Hall) is quite literally her whole world. Then a threatening stranger turns up and the girl has a choice; run away from everything she has ever known, or stand her ground and fight.

But here’s the problem. It turns out that it’s extremely difficult to write a whole book where the only protagonists are a little girl and a threatening stranger. Social interaction – with all its useful conflicts of interest, exchanges of information and character revealing possibilities – is one of the engines that keep a story moving along. You have to have some kind…

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