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Practice Over Passion: A Freelancer’s Writing Life

From today’s re-blog:

“Writing is not just the words you put down, but the entire process—from finding ideas to write about to producing a final, edited finished product.”

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zz AllisonBy Allison Futterman

I write human interest, travel, profile, craft and food pieces for a variety of magazines. As a freelancer, I’m constantly pitching stories in search of that elusive “yes” from an editor. I suggest stories that are interesting to me and that I believe will also be interesting to readers. When I get the green light on one of these, the work really begins.

I didn’t start writing until I tried many other things. I worked as a media buyer in a New York City advertising agency. I worked in product development in Los Angeles. And there were other jobs in between. I had no passion for any of these, and, therefore, didn’t see the need to be proactive, industrious or diligent in my work.

Same with college. I was a communications major, with no idea what I would do with my degree. I only knew what I…

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