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Friday Story Bazaar ~ Tale Forty-Seven

Who Are We?

Alexander M Zoltai


The InterWorld News was issuing an Alert:

“Our HomeStar appears to be increasing its heat again. Palem residents, being nearest, are advised to make use of enclosures for the duration—Salur residents may move about freely. Stay tuned for a message from our Supreme Leader.”

Farl Mezil was readying his response to what he knew the Leader would be saying…

InterWorld News:

“Now a message from our Supreme Leader:

‘Residents of Palem and Salur—and, the explorers traveling to Mellun—I bring you my best wishes and caution you against spreading false reports relating to the cause of the heat waves and the massive precipitation storms. The Official Truth is that our Star is heating up temporarily again. As the Official Bureau of Environment has stated, our industrial and space activities have absolutely nothing to do with this phenomenon, believe me…”

Farl Mezil turned down the newscast and warmed up his own broadcast unit, paid for by so-called “renegade” scientists, those who knew the exact truth of the environmental fluctuations. Immediately after the Supreme Leader said, “May you stay safe and sane.”,  Farl began his speech, reaching all residents and space travelers in the System:

“My dear friends, I greet you, as well as the enemies I’ve made. We face another season of dangerous heat and precipitation due to the past collective behavior of leaders of government and business—dangerous environmental changes that they want you believe are caused by oscillations in the output of our HomeStar.

“This is in shameful contradiction to the science of dedicated individuals who the government calls ‘Renegades’. In order to hide their sins, the combined power of government and business are now attempting to silence this broadcast of mine—please consider how they can freely stop all your communications with each other, yet not stop me from speaking the truth—consider what this means about the power of the truth manifest by the ‘Renegades’ who constructed my broadcast unit.

“I must end this communication soon, to allow me to change my location so I won’t be silenced by the Government. Yet, I want to give you even more hope for eventual relief from the oppression of dishonest people.

“I’m able to relate to you the statements made to me by the Ruling Council of the Faith of Universal Awareness, to the effect that they wholeheartedly agree with the findings of our dearly loved ‘Renegades’; though, obviously their words of support for the scientific truths are all they’re able to offer, considering their moral commitment to staying far from direct involvement in political wranglings.

“So, we have powerful scientists and the most swiftly-spreading religion saying the Government and System-wide Businesses are directly threatening the safety, health, and well-being of all of us.

“I will speak to you again, if the powers of the Universe prevail over the idiocy of power-mongers. I leave you with the challenge to answer the critical question, ‘Who Are We?'”

Farl’s transmission ended, immediately replaced with:

“…attempting to contact…”

“Yes, I’m trying…”

“Oh, we’re back…”

Then, nothing but a deafening squeal.


The residents and explorers of the Star System eventually got the Message firmly fixed in their hearts and began to take billions of thoughtful and rationally guided actions…

Eventually, things changed—after four billion folks died and 80 percent of the planets’ surfaces were rendered uninhabitable…

One hundred years later, after stabilization of climate was achieved, there was a System-wide Celebration called, “We Are the Truth!”


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