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I rewrote my novel through a critique group but I’ve lost my way

Fascinating re-blog from Roz today…

Nail Your Novel

Critique groups are a great way to develop a critical sense and to experiment with what works. And to meet other people who are as dedicated to writing as you are. But too many cooks…

I’ve had this email from Vanessa, which is a fairly common problem.

During the past 12 months, I rewrote my novel 8 times as part of a critique group, and now I’m wondering if I should just go back to my first draft and start over. My book is different now, in some ways better, in some ways worse. I’m not even sure I can work with it in its present, 8th incarnation. I’m feeling a bit discouraged and don’t know how to recapture the original freshness. I think there are some good changes in the revisions, but also a lot of bad direction. How will I sort through it?

Discounting the fact that some…

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4 responses to “I rewrote my novel through a critique group but I’ve lost my way

  1. juliecroundblog May 16, 2017 at 7:18 am

    Eight times is too many. I have just fished out the start of a story I wrote years ago and then found a second draft. I don’t much like either of them, which is probably why it was abandoned but I’m not going to try to work on them. If I like the idea I’ll start afresh and hope the best parts of the old stories have stayed in my mind.Each time we rewrite we see things differently and changing one link in the chain forces us to make more unintended changes.I would leave it for a while and then only use one beta reader for the final draft. Best Wishes, Julie.


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