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Can I Write Myself Out of Crushing Despair?

This re-blog is me re-blogging me…

All I said, so far, just after midnight today, was “No regular blog post today due to . . . …seemingly irreconcilable emotional paralysis………”

Well, I feel my readers need more info—so…

Here’s what I was going through one year ago—nearly identical to where I’m at right now………

Notes from An Alien

If I were to follow the trends in the blogosphere, I would have titled this post, “Can You Write Yourself Out of Crushing Despair?”.

Lost Writer Image Courtesy of scott boyd ~

And, before you criticize me for the punctuation at the end of that last sentence {?”.}, I feel it’s perfectly rational—I’m writing a sentence which demands a period at its end and it has a quoted question tucked inside it

Back to one of the real points of this post:

Why use “Myself” rather than “Yourself” when “Yourself” might help the reader relate better?

I’m afraid I really am in a state of crushing despair and am only able to write today because I’m well-trained ( I long ago learned how to walk on bloody knees… ); and, I’m only able to write a blog post because I’m dedicated to keeping this conversation-with-the-world going…

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