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Need to Think Like a Reader? Start Thinking Like a Librarian…

One of my good friends is a librarian.

Finding Books

Image Courtesy of Pawe Sobociñski ~

He’s also a writer—read his interview here

I think he might like today’s post :-)


Melodee Elliott got a Master’s degree in Library sciences; then, she wrote a novel…

Then, she wrote an article on the Reedsy blog called, Using Tricks of the Librarian Trade to Market my Book.

And, as usual, I’ll share a few excerpts that I hope will entice you to take that last link and read her full article…

Early on, she says:

“…allow me to put on my librarian hat while I…explain how my Library Sciences degree helped me effectively market my book, and share learnings that will help you market your own book.”

She continues:

“While marketing is a multi-faceted process, I would say that part of my success was due to going back to basics and revisiting the four steps of information retrieval we covered in Library Sciences:


She gives fascinating commentary on each of those steps; then, says:

“Books remain in the virtual bookstore for a very long time. Every reader on a search for the next great read will go through the actions of Find, Identify, Select, and Obtain, and it’s up to me to make sure those steps lead them to my book.”

If you’re a writer, do, go read her full article—if you’re a reader, tell a writer friend about it :-)
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2 responses to “Need to Think Like a Reader? Start Thinking Like a Librarian…

  1. jalapenopopey May 7, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    I too obtained a MLIS and much of it especially during our practical library work did involve 1-1 work where the librarian has the privilege of working with the patron to ultimately obtain their resource. Be it an article or a book much of what happens eventually puts you in a position of uncovering what lights up a readers eyes. Find (interview patron) identify(multiple genres that interest reader). I try to leave selection at that point up to the reader. I would say much of my academic work was centered around finding (advisory we called it) and identifying. I think it is wonderful the author took our work and turned it into a winner for her own book. Because I must admit I often know after almost 10 years in library work what will fly off the shelves.

    Liked by 1 person

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