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Daily Archives: April 15, 2017

Middle Grade Books Serve As Windows and Mirrors by Shannon Hitchcock

If there are no MIddle Graders in your household, show this Re-blog to someone who has a few :-)

If you don’t know anyone with MGers, try thinking back to when you were one………

Nerdy Book Club

I first thought about Middle Grade books as windows and mirrors when listening to Grace Lin’s TED Talk, “The Windows and Mirrors of Your Child’s Bookshelf.” Grace says kids need to see themselves in books, like looking in a mirror. On the flip side, kids need to read about children whose lives don’t resemble theirs, as a window to the outside world. I finished listening to Grace’s talk and looked out my own window. It offers an expansive view of the city of Tampa, but when I was growing up, my window was narrow. I could see two types of people in rural North Carolina: blacks and whites. Everybody was Protestant and most were middle to lower middle class. I didn’t hear different accents. I didn’t smell Cuban coffee. I didn’t eat in Chinese restaurants. My window was narrow and so was my bookshelf.

Two children’s authors, Kate Messner and…

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