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Friday Story Bazaar ~ Tale Thirty-Six

A Higher Calling

Alexander M Zoltai


He couldn’t understand…

His usual methods weren’t working…

She acted nicely enough in his presence; but, remained icy at her core.

Every time he asked her for a date, she accepted; yet, the signals were extremely clear—Be proper or I’m out of here

He recalled articles from years ago saying that women craved sex as much as men; but, with that off the menu, what did she want from him…?


He finally decided he just had to ask her…

He did and she said he should wait for her written answer in his mailbox…


It arrived and it said:

You have remarkable abilities and a captivating personality.

I go out with you because I keep hoping you’ll see beyond your body’s demands and notice me…

Oh, I know you’ve noticed my body; but, I keep expecting you to peek into my soul…

I fear this letter will sever our relationship; yet, I hope you want more than fun and social games.

Think about it…

I give in to your desire for sex—you and I enjoy it—it does what it usually does—creates the urge for a deeper connection—you back away and have to find another woman that won’t make you think about commitment…

Can you do that for the rest of your life?

Your penis will more than likely keep working; but, what about your heart?

I care, deeply, for you…

But, I care about the real you, not the you that so strongly identifies with your very mortal body…

Will you see me soon to talk about this; or, will you run………?


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