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#MainStreetWriters > “…a tiny writing festival steps into the big leagues”

My original article about the Main Street Writers Movement is where I explain its goals and principles and help you become a part of the Movement (there are no fees...).

Main Street Writers Movement

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Today’s post is about an article on the Forest Avenue Press site—Main Street Writers Movement: In rural Oregon, a tiny writing festival steps into the big leagues.

Here are just a few excerpts:

“In rural Oregon, literary life tends to happen in solitude.”

“Here, writers work behind closed doors and are forced to go elsewhere for writerly conviviality.”

I just want to point out that this is being said about a town of 30,000 people. However, some folks in very large cities feel like this

“Writers here—real writers, who fill pages and tell stories and dream big—sometimes haven’t yet gotten the message that they don’t need anyone else’s permission to identify as such.”

Again, this is something many writers in large cities need to know

The Terroir Creative Writing Festival has always aimed…to bring the conversations to the people where they can access it and make it affordable to all. Yes, it’s about creating a literary community, but it is also about teaching people to value their own stories, their own processes, and to give them the tools needed to move their creativity a notch every year.”

The Terroir Creative Writing Festival honors what this particular soil has given birth to and recognizes that soil needs compost just as creativity needs its own type of fertilizer.

Do read the full article for more info on this “tiny” but interesting festival

Here’s one more excerpt for those in “small” towns—something to possibly inspire you to have your own festival (or, at least, join the Main Street Writers Movement…)

“McMinnville hosts smaller events on the literary calendar—author talks at the local Linfield College, an open mic series, a writer’s group at the library, so I don’t want to give anyone the impression that it’s some kind of creative wasteland out here. It’s not. But Terroir is the one time of year when all the writers seem to come out of the woodwork, reconnect, get inspired, and sally forth with strength and inspiration into their own projects.”

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