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Daily Archives: March 18, 2017

One word at a time

Many folks have challenges (similar to the writer of todays’ re-blog) when it comes to writing…

The solution, once found (and, at times, re-found multiple times…) is simple…

Live to Write - Write to Live

A beach, the waves and a orange and pink setting sun in Hawaii I took this in Hawaii two years ago. I keep it handy because it reminds me to breathe deep.

I don’t like to whine, but I do like to keep it real.

I am having a creative crisis.

I think I’ve mostly worked through it, but there are still days …

As I’ve mentioned before, like most of us, I do not write full time. I am a caregiver, and I work in marketing and communications for a boutique technology firm, that specializes in digital signage for airports. And, I write personal essays and fiction.

I finished the first draft of my novel a little over a year ago. YAY! I knew when I finished it that there were more holes than a fishing net, but I was okay with that. I gave myself another year to finish the second and third drafts. I had goals, a schedule and deadlines.

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