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Friday Story Bazaar ~ Tale Thirty-Five

Such a Lovely Revolution

Alexander M Zoltai


The planet was close to its rather small, red star—“tidally locked”, with one side always facing the light.

People took vacations, mostly, by going to the night side; and, of course, all the astronomers lived there.

Those who never went to the darkness were apt to contract some strange mental alterations…

One of those who never vacationed in the darkness happened to become the ruler of the strongest country on the day-lit side.

He’d been mostly concerned with seeking ways to lessen the financial woes of his fellow citizens—not many people thought he’d be elected the ruler…

Folks went around feeling like the darkness had begun to infiltrate their side of the planet.

There were new bills that encouraged people to resettle in the hemisphere they weren’t born in.

There were enactments of rules for the sharing of wealth.

People were becoming so confused, and acting so strange, it almost became necessary to enforce rather strict curfews…

Luckily, the ruler of the strongest country convinced all the other countries to institute a world-wide, light/dark unification treaty—to become, truly, one world.

Many folks thought he should just, finally, visit the dark side—stop such deranged behavior…

But, just about five years after the treaty took hold—after things had fully calmed down—the planet began to spin…


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