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A Writer’s Life: my journal

Interesting re-blog today — seems it’s about a “digestion” issue :-)

Scarborough Mysteries

fjordjune16I’ve just spent two weeks exploring the delights of Oslo and Bergen in Norway. As always I had my trusty writing journal with me. When all around me cameras were clicking and ‘selfie’ sticks were out, I sat down with my journal and an oasis of calm would open up. In the frenetic rush of being a tourist, this act would force me to stop and focus. Focus on a detail within me and without and how the two interacted.

katesketchingjune16 Me with my journal

I enjoy sight-seeing as much as the next person, but sometimes it can all become over-whelming and, worse, almost a tick-box exercise. My journal is my guard against this. I am a great believer in free writing, and most often I write quickly without particular thought to why or where it may lead me. I pay attention to all my senses, to the seemingly insignificant, seek the narrative. I…

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