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Friday Story Bazaar ~ Tale Thirty-Two

My Worldly Education

Alexander M Zoltai


“…to indulge their appetites they have done away with their own selves.”   *


I was raised in the bosom of wealth and privilege.

It gave me a cushioning—a buffer between me and the nastiness of the world.

I think I learned a few “higher” ideas because I wasn’t wallowing in the muck…

I wasn’t planning on breaking with my family; but, some of my views were radically opposed by my father—I fought back—I was disinherited…


I found a job with a Movement that needed constant funding—I appreciated what they were doing (helping folks…)—I knew people—I found them their money (and, made quite a bit for myself in commissions).

I wasn’t planning on being issued an injunction; but, my overzealousness raised alarms—people who knew my father made complaints…

I was forced to find less productive work…


I became a salesman—selling whatever promised high commissions.

Taste and ethics didn’t matter—high commissions did.

My small group of friends disappeared—well, I wasn’t able to be there to entertain them, which made them reconstruct their social patterns….


I became richer than my father.

I paid to obtain new friends.

I formed many Movements—“Foundations” that earned me more than what all the beneficiaries of the Foundations got.

I only worked for “certain”, very private people…

I eventually became a recluse…

I, eventually, lost all hope…

My worldly education is over.

My next act will be to erase my existence…



* quote from ‘Abdu’l-Bahá


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