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Ten Things My Dog Taught Me About Writing by Barbara Dee

Wonderful extended analogy in today’s re-blog :-)

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Almost two years ago, my family adopted a hound from Rescue Me Clifford, an organization in Illinois named after the Big Red Dog of kidlit. The dog we brought into our home was about two years old (you can never know for sure with rescues), ridiculously sweet, grateful for everything, and quiet. But even though Ripley’s not especially verbal, she’s taught me some important lessons about writing.

1-Keep a schedule... As a rescued stray, Ripley feels most secure when I keep her on a fairly predictable schedule. As a full-time writer, I’ve realized I’m the same way. It’s all too easy for me to spend my day  reading for pleasure or watching YouTube–but if I did, I’d start to doubt myself as a professional, and I’m sure my work would suffer. Keeping a schedule makes me feel I belong–at my desk.

2-…But Be Open To New Paths.Like Ripley…

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