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My “New” Coffee House . . .

Angel Falls Cafe ~ Akron, OH, USA

Angel Falls Cafe ( On the Right… ) ~ Attribution-Share Alike by Mark Turnauckas

No re-blog today—my Best Friend wants me to write about my new cafe…

I have an old cafe that was new back in August of 2016—this story will let you know why I have another new one so soon…

Actually, though…

My new cafe is my old cafe from ten years ago…

That’s a Much longer story…

So, the best way to let you know why I like my new/old/new cafe is to choose my best reasons from this article: 20 Reasons Why Creative People Like to Go to Cafes to Work:

3. You don’t have an office.

8. You get a whole bunch of unexpected inputs that change your perspective for the moment (i.e. snatches of conversation, songs on the radio, odd posters on the wall).

9. There are no distracting tasks to default to (i.e. cleaning your desk, filing, tossing paper clips over the cubicle wall [I don’t have a cubicle…]).

12. You focus on your most creative projects.

13. It feels good being part of a community — even if the community disbands after your second cappuccino. [I don’t drink cappuccino…]

14. Old patterns are interrupted. New patterns emerge.

18. It brings out the artist and poet in you.

19. If you go back to the same cafe again and again, you develop trusting relationships with some of the other regulars…

The ten years that separate me from who I used to be (in my “old” cafe...) seem like a much longer time; but then, my journey has been packed with deep issues and fathomless ponderings…

Ten years ago, I drank coffee at Angel Falls; now I drink tea; but, I must relate a bit about the history of coffee and cafes:

“The ‘wine of Islam’, which was originally grown in the Yemen and consumed in the mid-sixteenth-century coffee houses of Constantinople, was introduced to western Europeans by the German botanist Leonhard Rauwolf, who encountered coffee at Aleppo in 1573.”

I also feel I need to share a few links to past posts on this blog about writers and cafes:

Famous Writers and Their Cafes

Two Worthy Projects for Certain Writers . . .

Coffee Shop Haibun

Angel Falls Cafe ~ Akron, OH, USA

Angel Falls Cafe ~ if possible, I sit way in the back, in the right-hand corner…

I have a few reasons (beyond the eight up there…) for being in this particular cafe—other projects I’m trying to start—and, I feel it’s exactly where I might meet the folks who can help me (plus, I do like writing there…).

But, since I don’t want this post to be only about me, here’s an article with a bunch of reasons writers go to cafes; and, most of them don’t really apply to me (but, they may apply to you…)…

Why Do Writers Love To Write In Coffee Shops?

I must include Angel Falls Coffee Company as one of the “famous” cafes in my writing career; and, I must link to one last cool article for you :-)

15 Most Famous Cafes in the Literary World

Plus, next Friday’s Story Bazaar Tale will be in a Coffee House
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2 responses to “My “New” Coffee House . . .

  1. Jane Watson February 11, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    I love the pic of the interior of Angel Falls! It has good writerly vibes! :-)


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