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Friday Story Bazaar ~ Tale Twenty-Eight

The Creator and The Destroyer

Alexander M Zoltai


The boy moved closer to the fire and said, “Grandfather, tell me again of the Great War.”

The Grandfather said, “It seems as if the Battle has raged Forever… The Creator building up—The Destroyer tearing down.”

“This is what makes a pain in my heart, Grandfather. Our Great Creator seems unable to ever win the Great War—we will always suffer…”

“Dearest Grandson, if you were to carefully consult all the records, you would see that The Creator merely permits The Destroyer a temporary victory, which, when viewed from a timeless perspective is actually a significant loss…”

“Timeless perspective?”

“You and I live in this very mundane world, circling a Source of light that defines what we call Time. In the World Beyond, there are no such things as stars and suns, so there is no time. The Final Truth is that, in spite of Ages of destruction and suffering, humanity has slowly climbed the hill of evolution—learned and grown more luxuriantly intelligent.”

“I trust you, Grandfather, but this is a hard Truth to understand…”

“You are fifteen years now?”

“Yes, Grandfather…”

“You must copy down what I’ve said (I will repeat whatever you need to hear again), keep it safe, and consult it periodically until you reach twenty years. If you still don’t understand, and if I am still in this body and on this Earth, I will help you again.”


“I reached twenty years—my Grandfather was no longer on this Earth…

“I was beginning to understand but decided to attempt a Sacred Walk to the top of Boudonere Peak—I would stay and pray until I understood completely…”


The boy stayed on the Peak for twenty-seven days and nights…

His body died from the exposure…

His soul ascended to the Timeless Realm…

He joined his Grandfather in helping other souls understand the Truth of the Great War, by visiting them in their dreams………


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