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Forgiveness and intention for writers

This re-blog should have gone up yesterday… sorry………

Live to Write - Write to Live

It’s the end of another year and it’s time to think about what your goals will be for the next year.

Like so many of the writers here at this blog, I don’t make resolutions. They are just too difficult to keep and when you inevitably break them, you feel like a failure. No thanks.

Instead I reflect on what I did in the last year, how I can do better, and what it is I hope to accomplish in the coming New Year.

Which brings me to a little New Year’s Day ceremony I used to do with my kids -I don’t do it anymore but maybe I should dig it out and dust it off.

On New Year’s Day, after our annual family breakfast of pancakes, bacon and sliced fruit, I would hand out 6 green leafs cut from construction paper to each member of the family.


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