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A Special Educator’s Guide: Top Ten Books to Interest Your Dormant Middle School Reader by Suzanne Tiffany-Salogub

You don’t have to be a “Special Educator” to benefit from today’s re-blog — Just have kids (or, have friends with kids) in “Middle School” — from 11 to 13 years old in the U.S.A. :-)

Nerdy Book Club

How can we awaken a dormant reader? They need to be presented with engaging and accessible texts. Always! All the time! We need to get our students reading books that are an appropriate challenge. The problem is our students or children who find reading difficult, also are conflicted with the idea that they are reading a book that looks “babyish” or the topic simply does not interest them.

Here is a list of high interest books that grasp the attention of the middle school student.

twice told tales

Twice Told Tales Series by Olivia Snowe

This series from Capstone Publishing takes the most beloved classics and brings them into the 21st-century. Olivia Snowe uses the familiar storylines and makes it relatable in the eyes of the modern middle school student. Snow White meets a NYC alley? It is sure to grab your students’ interest!

black and white

Black and White by Paul Volponi


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