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Today’s re-blog is simple but Powerful advice…

Whether the advice is for you or one of your family or friends :-)

Live to Write - Write to Live

I AM A WRITERI had two conversations in the past week that made me scrap my original blog post for today, and write this one. (Don’t worry, I will write about combining writer’s platforms soon.)

One conversation was during a talk I gave to a 5th grade class. My friend Pat Spence runs a great non-profit called They Made It, So Can I, where speakers go into 5th grade classes in Boston and talk about how they got to where they are. She asked me to go in and talk about being a writer. During the question and answer session, one of the teachers gave me the prompt that they had been talking about the importance of creativity. I looked around, and let them in on a secret. That anyone can write, there is no right way to write, and that everyone has a story that is worth telling. They may tell…

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