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Top Ten Books to Give to Adolescent Boys Who Say They “Hate Reading” by Oona Marie Abrams

I know people out there who desperately *Need* today’s re-blog :-)

Nerdy Book Club

Three years ago, I welcomed the ritual of ten minutes of daily independent reading into my 12th grade classroom. Of course, I was nervous at the beginning. After reading Penny Kittle’s Book Love, I wondered how on earth it would be possible for me to read enough titles to make good recommendations to my students, particularly the young men. So I got down to work reading books that were out of my comfort zone, and now when guys who come into my classes saying they hate to read, I almost always recommend one of the following. Note that after each description I put a recommended read-next book. This is because I predict they will devour the first one, and I like to challenge them while they’re open to new titles. That challenge might be to read a longer or more complex text. Or it might be to continue reading…

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