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How I Got Acquainted With A Real Writer

Can’t do a regular post today—major doctor’s appointment…

This re-blog is more than a worthy offering—it might actually help you or a friend with the challenge of “trying” to write…

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Ann Cinzar Ann Cinzar

By Ann Cinzar

Is it an occupational hazard that as a woman who writes, I have a hard time calling myself a writer?

Ever since I began to write for myself — as opposed to an organization which paid me to do so — I have a hard time saying, “I am a writer.” When someone asks “what do you do?” I stumble over the words, unable to say “I write” without splicing my sentence with “try to/kind of/sort of.” How can someone with a love of words be so maladept at using them? And where did this pervasive case of imposter syndrome come from?

I’ve noticed this affliction with many of my women writer friends. We commiserate about feelings of inadequacy; we toil over work but leave it sitting on laptops; we hesitate to send our work to “big” names because we don’t think we are worthy. In short…

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2 responses to “How I Got Acquainted With A Real Writer

  1. Martina Sevecke-Pohlen November 3, 2016 at 5:10 am

    I hope everything is okay after your appointment.


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