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3 Online Bookstores with Free World-Wide Shipping

No re-blog today…

First, to get to three stores you need to take the link to this past post, Free “World-Wide” Delivery of Books? ~ Twice Over :-)—you’ll find two marvelous bookstores—then, come on back to make it three…

So, my Best Friend sent me a link to a third—Bookfari.

From them:

“Welcome to Bookfari ! Come in, get acquainted, we’ve got millions of books from all over the world brought here for you… don’t forget it’s free shipping on all books! Have a nosy round our online bookstore, you’re sure to find a good read.”

There ya have it—back to my normal weekend re-blogging tomorrow :-)
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3 responses to “3 Online Bookstores with Free World-Wide Shipping

  1. dgkaye November 1, 2016 at 10:55 pm

    Thanks for this Alex. :)


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