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The Book Club that Saved My Reading Life by Amanda Schreiber

Today’s re-blog author says this on her own site:

“Reading and getting students to love books is my passion. I believe in choice and celebrating authors like the rockstars they are!”

Nerdy Book Club

Everyone that knows me, knows my passion for book clubs. My friend Stacey lovingly refers me to me as the “Book Club Queen.” Although, I make no claims at being the queen of anything! However, book clubs gave me confidence to start a blog and share some of my classroom practices on social media. I’ve blogged several times about how I set-up book clubs to create a community of readers in my classroom.

Book Cabinet Photo

In my classroom, I have three cabinets, two rows deep, of books with multiple book copies so that my students can create their own book clubs based on favorite authors and texts. I order in bulk on Scholastic. Book clubs are a part of my teaching life. They are an integral part of reading in my fifth grade classroom. We read, we share, we love or hate, and we make plans for our next meetings and…

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