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How to Cope With Getting Emotional After Writing the End of Your Story #writers

Today’s re-blog may seem like an overreaction from this writer; but, I can attest to similar feelings when I finished my novel :-)


Writing the End of Your Story

The idea for this blog post came to me after I finished writing the final epsiode of the Diary of Roxy Collins series(to be published on my blog in the next few weeks) and I was left an emotional wreck.

I was sobbing, reaching for the tissues, blowing my nose loudly and making whimpering noises as I wrote the final scene.

After wiping my eyes I quickly nipped onto a Writer’s Facebook group and posed the question – am I the only one who feels like an emotional wreck after writing the end of a story?  It seems I am not alone.

Here are some reasons why you might find yourself lying on the floor sobbing your heart out, after writing the final chapter of your story:

  1. As a writer you live through the eyes of your character so by the end of a good story you both will…

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