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On Writing: Go for the Long Vision

Today’s re-blog holds a Wealth of clues about how to become a devoted writer………

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Patrice Gopo Patrice Gopo

In early March, I send a note to one of my writing teachers. “I’ve been frozen with my writing since I finished [that] essay… I have a low-grade thought in my mind that I’m done, I’m finished. I’m not going to be able to produce another essay I like that much.”

I think of the pages of nonsense mounting in my composition notebook. I focus on the feelings of dissatisfaction that ripple through me after a writing session. And I remember the excitement I woke to weeks before when I knew I had a viable project forming, taking shape, and moving toward completion.

What happens when something reaches the end and the next thing refuses to emerge? What happens when everything new I write embarrasses me and makes me wonder how I could be the same writer who wrote and submitted that finished piece? Have you ever been…

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2 responses to “On Writing: Go for the Long Vision

  1. Adrian G Hilder September 27, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    This blog post strikes a cord with me.
    I couldn’t be happier with my first completed novel (well the story is split into two books so in my mind, it is one story).
    I do have crisis of confidence episodes where I ask myself how I will ever produce a new story I like as much or more than the first. Every time I sit down to plan or write the next story I have to keep reminding myself the characters and plot of the first story were built over 4+ months (discounting the decades of thinking about it that came before).
    A new leap of faith is required to carry on.


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